Youth Solidarity Fund

The Youth Solidarity Fund (YSF) provides seed funding to outstanding youth-led initiatives that promote long-term constructive relationships between people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. The YSF was established to answer the calls to action made around the world by youth organizations since the creation of the UNAOC.

For the pilot phase of the YSF launched in 2008, the UNAOC received 110 proposals from 55 countries on all continents. Youth plays a critical role in the selection of the winning YSF projects; an international team of seven young people reviewed submitted proposals and made recommendations for funding. The pilot phase of the YSF provided grants (up to US$20,000 each) to 6 youth-led organizations for outstanding projects aligned with the UNAOC’s thematic priorities. Information about these 6 projects can be found at

In late 2009, over 530 applications from 99 countries on all continents were submitted under the second phase of the YSF. A total of 18 projects were selected to receive up to US$30,000 each. Prior to the inception of their funded projects, coordinators from the winning organizations were invited to the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg for a week-long training jointly developed by UNAOC and the Council of Europe. The 18 projects were implemented in 2010. A global report showcasing the results of these projects is under development. Information about these 18 projects can be found at

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