Young Entrepreneurs Around the Mediterranean to Work Together to Create New Jobs

Young Entrepreneurs Around the Mediterranean to Work Together to Create New Jobs

The United Nations Alliance of Civilization (UNAOC), in collaboration with the Italian government and Fondazione CRT, an Italian foundation, is convening aspiring young social entrepreneurs from countries around the Mediterranean Sea to work together, and use diversity to find new ways to generate employment in their countries and regions.

Nearly two years after the transformative events of the Arab Awakening, the aspirations of young Arabs for dignity, democracy, human rights, freedom, and opportunities to improve their lives remain undiminished. On the European side of the Mediterranean, many countries are struggling with a bleak economic outlook, which means increased unemployment, especially for young adults. Such a situation can easily lead to increased hostility toward cultural and religious diversity.

Supporting young people, who represent the majority of the unemployed or underemployed in the region, particularly by equipping them to help themselves and their peers, is critical. With the right tools, young people can be dynamic and innovative in coming up with ways to generate employment, while improving the quality of life in their communities. As this program engages young people from all the countries around the Mediterranean, it will use learning and exchange to build mutually beneficial relationships across cultural boundaries.

“The Mediterranean is an important site for dialogue and meaningful collaboration. It is crucial to promote initiatives that strengthen social cohesion in the region, so the recent gains made through democratic movements are not undermined by the economic crisis,” said Marc Scheuer, Director of the UNAOC.

The Young Euro-Med Entrepreneurs in Interculturality training and exchange event will take place on the campus of the Fondazione CRT in Torino, Italy, over 5 days, at the from 11 to 15 of February 2013. A total of 20 young social entrepreneurs (18 to 35 years old) from the Euro-Med region will be selected through a competitive call for applications.

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