Implementation plans and reports

Since 2007, the UNAOC works through biennial Implementation Plans.

These Implementation Plans are prepared by the UNAOC High Representative and provide an overview on the defining principles of the UN Alliance of Civilizations. They also serve to outline the various ongoing projects and initiatives as well as being a mechanism for partnership building, advocacy, financing and priority setting, reflecting the High Representative’s vision for the way the Alliance should advance in its endeavours.

The following Implementation Plans have been presented to date:

Each year, the UNAOC High Representative prepares an Annual Report which highlights the main activities that were carried out pointing to progress made in that year. These Reports provide additional information and addenda to the Implementation Plans. Reports are submitted to the attention of the UN Secretary-General, who then transmits them to the attention of the UN General Assembly.

In order to retrieve a translation of the Annual Report in the other official UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish), please visit the website of the UN official Documents System:

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