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United Nations Alliance of Civilizations
The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) aims to improve understanding and cooperation among nations and peoples across cultures and to reduce polarization at local and global levels. They work to support innovative projects that build trust, reconciliation, and mutual respect in the four program areas of youth, media, education, and migration. Participants should visit the UNAOC’s various online platforms, which are virtual connecting points for people interested in furthering intercultural understanding.

Organizing Partner

Learning Games Network
The Learning Games Network is a non-profit organization that works to bridge the gap between research and practice in playful learning. LGN, spun out from the MIT Education Arcade and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Games+Learning+Society Program, designs and distributes games informed by the learning sciences, creative design, and technical innovation. Participants are encouraged to explore LGN’s Game Design Tool Kit, a comprehensive guide outlining the project-driven design process.

Organizing Partner

The Education Arcade
The Education Arcade at MIT explores games that promote learning through authentic and engaging play. TEA’s research and development projects foster the social, cultural, and educational potentials of videogames by initiating new game development projects, coordinating interdisciplinary research efforts, and informing public conversations about the broader uses of this emerging art form in education. Developers should refer to the TEA’s research page, which collects the program’s published work on the role of games in education.

Global Voices
Global Voices is a collection of blogs from hundreds of bloggers from around the world. It is a widely respected example of citizen journalism that allows people to share their views on global events. Global Voices provides articles on every country in the world and allows users to sort through articles by topic or region. One part of the website that might be of special interest to app and game developers is the international relations page that features many articles pertinent to the Create UNAOC Challenge.
Voice of America
Voice of America (VOA) is the largest U.S. International Broadcaster, with an estimated weekly global audience of 141 million people in 43 languages. VOA provides accurate, balanced, and comprehensive news and information to its international audience on satellite, radio, television, the Internet, mobile and social media.
Ashoka is a global organization based in Arlington, VA that identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs ‒ individuals with innovative and practical ideas for solving social problems. The organization currently operates in over 70 countries and supports the work of over 2,000 social entrepreneurs, elected as Ashoka Fellows. Interested participants should visit their website’s resources page to learn more about the field of social entrepreneurship.
ICT for Peace Foundation
The ICT for Peace Foundation facilitates peacemaking efforts and mediation in addition to dealing with conflict prevention and aiding communication among communities. Potential app and game developers may find its publications helpful as resources and guides for creating solutions for intercultural dialogue and peacekeeping.
Fondazione Mondo Digitale
Fondazione Mondo Digitale works for an inclusive knowledge society by blending innovation, education, inclusion and fundamental values. The benefits that emerge from knowledge, new technologies and innovation should be an advantage of all people without any kind of discrimination. FMD’s site includes a variety of media resources and links that developers may find helpful as they explore app and game concepts.
John Lennon Educational Tour Bus
The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a not-for-profit organization in the United States that travels around the country, offering free workshops for youth on producing music videos and documentaries. The John Lennon Bus encourages the kind of creative expression and innovation through technology that the Create UNAOC Challenge values. Potential participants might like to take the virtual tour of the mobile studio on the website or follow the Lennon Bus blog to find inspiration in how music apps and games can be used to encourage intercultural dialogue.
Doha Centre for Media Freedom
The Doha Centre for Media Freedom is a non-profit organization working for press freedom and quality journalism in Qatar, the Middle East, and the world. The DCMF focuses on providing direct assistance to journalists, training and education, and research and reflection on information access and media literacy. Participants may wish to browse the DCMF’s special reports to learn how solving the obstacles that journalists face may open new channels for cross-cultural understanding.
Soliya is a non-profit organization that uses internet technology to shift the way societies resolve their differences from a confrontational and coercive approach to one defined by cooperation and compassion. Their core program is the Connect Program, a cross-cultural education program that directly connects university students in the US, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Participants affiliated with universities are encouraged to apply for Connect through the Soliya website.
Fields of View
Fields of View is a research organisation in India that creates equal and open spaces for dialogue and enquiry where different individuals and groups can respond constructively to each other. FoV hopes to enhance the following capabilities: decision making; learning and education; and participatory processes, in the areas of urban systems, and public safety & security. To create such spaces, FoV leverages games, simulations and visualisations. Participants can visit FoV’s work page to understand how games can be used for dialogue.
Become A Partner
The UNAOC is now seeking partners and sponsors to help foster intercultural dialogue and make the 2012 Create UNAOC Challenge a thriving reality. Interested parties should contact for more details.

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