Countries and International Organisations

The Alliance benefits from a political support of the Group of Friends, a community of countries and international organizations which actively promotes the Alliance’s objectives and work at the global, regional and local levels, as well as worldwide. The Group is a driving force of the UNAOC and plays a vital role in the UNAOC’s implementation process. Through a broad dialogue-based and consensus-building approach, the UNAOC High Representative seeks the input, advice and support of the Group of Friends’ members on all key aspects of the UNAOC’s activities.

Following the invitation of the UNAOC High Representative, countries-members of the Group of Friends have adopted and implement or are in the process of preparation of their National Strategies and Plans for Cross-Cultural Dialogue in the areas of media, youth, education and migration. The National Plans and Strategies are an invitation to countries to generate an internal process of ownership of the UN Alliance of Civilizations’ goals and aims which creates concrete opportunities to exchange experiences and lessons learned regarding challenges of increasing cultural diversity, new identity problems and conflicts.

As of today, the Group of Friends is composed of these countries and international organizations.

The Alliance welcomes broadening of the community of its supporters and encourages countries and international organizations to express their interest in joining its Group of Friends. Please contact the UNAOC Secretariat in New York at 212-457-1751 to learn more about the Group, membership and procedures.

[PDF] Ministerial Declaration 25 September 2013