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Ibn BattutaIbn Battuta *Now Available!

Developer: MSL Audiovisual/Bäckgalante
Location: Spain

Summary: Battuta’s Legend tells the story of Ibn Battuta, the famous Muslim Moroccan explorer. With this iPad app’s slick artwork, you can follow him on his travels and learn more about Muslim culture. Vivid, animated storytelling and high-quality photos, as well as a desktop version for classrooms, lead you through the new world and let you test your knowledge of the Arab world.

Status: This app is now available in the iTunes Store in English and Spanish. (Download)

Ibn BattutaIbn BattutaIbn Battuta

Touchable EarthTouchable Earth *Now Available!

Developer: Touchable Earth
Location: New Zealand

Summary: Touchable Earth is a content-rich app that shows you the cultures and customs of countries and regions around the world, as told by local children. Available on the iPad, you can quickly and easily navigate a world map and simply click on an area of the world about which you want to know more. Learn about children’s school day, games, music, dress and more in short, high-quality videos.

Status: This app is now available in the iTunes Store. Content is added regularly. (Download)

Touchable EarthTouchable EarthTouchable Earth

Get Water!Get Water! *Now Available!

Location: Canada

Summary: Get Water! is an addictive iPad game that illuminates the global crisis for the most basic and universal need: water. You play as Maya, a young girl who is pulled out of school to fetch water for her family. In the style of other viral smartphone games, you collect water with your basket and purchase new tools to aid in your effort. Along the way, you learn important facts about water shortages and waste and become a more informed global citizen.

Status: This app is now available in the iTunes Store. Content is added regularly. (Download)

Get Water!Get Water!Get Water!


Developer: Amrita Center for Wireless Networks and Applications
Location: India

Summary: Sanskar, an interactive Android app, promotes “harmony through acceptance” and helps you explore new cultures. The app uses magazine-style presentation and animated videos to demonstrate understanding and acceptance in 18 different cultures from around the globe. Each unit is followed up with quizzes to assess the amount of materials you covered and measure your newfound respect for the culture. You are also invited to create your own content and share it via the app, to build a database of cultural knowledge.

Status: This app is in the early stages of development and will be available on the Android platform.



Developer: Alex Gurany, Ruri Lee, Kameron Oser, Danna Ortiz, Lane Pertusi, and Stephen Zhang
Location: United States

Summary: Reality is an iPad game that puts you in the shoes of a freelance journalist in a culturally and politically diverse city. Use time and money wisely to talk to sources for a complete story and then try to sell that story to one of the city’s newspapers. The rewards are also balanced; increased popularity and money can come at the cost of a more divisive and intolerant society.

Status: This game is currently in development.


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