Group of Friends

The Alliance benefits from a political support of the Group of Friends, a community of countries and international organizations which actively promotes the Alliance’s objectives and work at the global, regional and local levels, as well as worldwide. The Group is a driving force of UNAOC and plays a vital role in the UNAOC’s strategic planning and implementation process. Through a broad dialogue-based and consensus-building approach, the UNAOC High Representative seeks the input, advice and support of the Group of Friends’ members on all key aspects of the UNAOC’s activities and its mandate.

As of today, the Group of Friends is composed of these countries and international organizations.

Group of Friends Meetings

The Group of Friends meets on a regular basis to discuss the UNAOC’s current programmes, new initiatives and other activities. To date, the following meetings have been organized, and reports, summarizing key points and recommendations, have been issued:


Focal Points

All members of the Group of Friends have been invited to appoint a Focal Point for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations in their capitals or headquarters. Focal Points are officials working in Governments and international organizations who coordinate the UNAOC’s related work in their institutions, facilitate and coordinate regular communication between each member of the Group of Friends and the Office of the UNAOC in New York. Through the network of Focal Points, the UNAOC benefits from national and international inputs and contribution to its strategic orientation, programmes and initiatives. The United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations convenes Focal Points annual meetings and working sessions in the framework of the annual forums of the UNAOC.

National and Regional Strategies

Following the invitation of the UNAOC High Representative, countries-members of the Group of Friends have adopted and implement (or are in the process of preparation of) their National and Regional Strategies Cross-Cultural Dialogue in the areas of media, youth, education and migration. The National and Regional Strategies are an indication of countries’ ownership of the UNAOC’s goals and objectives. They outline concrete opportunities to exchange experiences and lessons learned regarding challenges of increasing cultural diversity, new identity problems and conflicts. At present, the following countries – members of the Group of Friends – have adopted their National Strategies: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Italy, Kuwait, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, UK. On the regional level, members of the Group of Friends have adopted South East Europe, Mediterranean and Latin America Regional Strategies.

The UNAOC High Representative welcomes broadening of the community of its supporters and encourages countries and international organizations to express their interest to join the UNAOC Group of Friends. Please contact the offices of UNAOC to learn more about the Group, membership and procedures.