Media Trainings

Journalist trainings

As part of its continuing efforts to supportjournalists, the UN Alliance also conducts training workshops for journalists from Pakistan, Indonesia, the Arab world,Europe, and North America. The trainings areaimed at building journalismskills, reflecting on the role of media in covering and mitigating conflicts, exploring tools forreporting on political and social issues in thedigital age, and reporting on “Muslim-West”relations. Practical outcomes of the trainingshave, in the past, included articles, televisionand radio interviews, as well as blogs andwebsites developed by participants. Inaddition, an annual “Cross-CulturalReporting Prize” awards collaborative projects and joint reporting among journalists from Europe, North American and Muslim-majority countries.

Building Networks of Opinion Leaders

As part of its work to increase the role ofvoices fromcivil society in themedia, the UNAlliance also providesmedia training to civilsociety leaders, particularly voices from stereotyped communities. The Alliance hasbeen working to develop a series ofmediatraining workshops for European Muslim opinion leaders to strengthen theunderstanding of community relations amongthe broader public as well as within minority communities. Similarly, the UN Alliance has organized trainings in the Middle East for young Arab voices that focus on interviewtechniques and opinion writing skills onpotentially divisive issues.