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Foundation for Pluralism

I cannot be safe when others around me aren’t, I cannot have peace, when others around me don’t. It is in my selfish interests to take the responsibility to work for a better world so all of us can co-exist in relative harmony. The world is changing quite rapidly, while conflicts continue to rage, a new dimension is emerging vividly and growing strongly every day. Indeed, the world is moving towards a new paradigm of “Co-existence” also known as “Pluralism”. Pluralism is nothing more than an adjustment in one’s attitude towards others; it is indeed respecting the otherness of other and accepting the Genetic (God) given uniqueness of each one of the seven billion of us. If we can learn to accept 7 billion unique thumb prints and understand the existence of 7 billion DNA compositions, then why not accept the uniqueness of 7 billion of us? If we world. My role as a peace maker is to mitigate conflicts and nurture goodwill...
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Polish educational system for migrants

As the Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Education, Krzysztof Stanowski has the responsibility to open Polish educational system for migrants, national minorities as well as providing educational support to Polish migrants abroad. Krzysztof Stanowski is also the leader of the Education for Democracy in Warsaw and vice-chair of the steering committee of the World Movement for Democracy. These organizations have implemented dozens of projects in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Mongolia empowering national minorities and displaced persons...
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