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A comparison of migrant integration between the United States and Europe

The United States and Europe do not share the same set of political attitudes and policies on the integration of immigrant into their respective societies.  This paper demonstrates different views and actions on integration and provide information from both sides of the Atlantic. Learn more about the paper How useful was this information? Users ratings […]


IOM Member States discuss Migration and Social Change

The second intersessional workshop of the International Dialogue on Migration was held 19-20 July 2010 in Geneva. Titled “Societies and Identities: The Multifaceted Impact of Migration,” this workshop continued the year-long overarching theme chosen by the IOM membership, “Migration and Social Change.” A total of 178 participants attended the workshop, including a wide variety of […]

Love-Hate Relationship

Author: Kathryn Lukey-Coutsocostas Date: September 2011 Source: Athens News, Column ‘On the borderline’ YOU KNOW that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul,” said Parisian salon owner Julie de Lespinasse, in the 1700s. We can feel the same love-hate about where we live, […]

How Not To Get Sick in the Imperial Valley

Author: David Bacon Date: February 20, 2012 Source: New America Media Until his knee gave out, Ramon Villa Jr. dreamed he’d be a soccer star.  Across Seeley’s pitted playing field of dirt and grass, he and his friends would chase the ball through the desert sunset every day after school.  Seeley’s de facto town center is […]

I Eat, Ergo I Am

Author: Kathryn Lukey-Coutsocostas Date: November 2011 Source: Athens News, Column ‘On the borderline’ LIKE gyros in a pita, our sense of self is wrapped up in our world of food, gloriously slathered with memories. Whenever I visit Canada, my culinary checklist not only suits my taste buds, but also my recollections: I revisit who I […]

Marching Away From The Cold War

Author: David Bacon Date: January 2012 Source: Monthly Review Press One sign carried in almost every May Day march of the last few years in the United States says it all: “We are Workers, not Criminals!” Often it was held in the calloused hands of men and women who looked as though they’d just come […]

Can The Triquis Go Home?

Author: David Bacon Date: January 2012 Source: New America Media OAXACA, MEXICO — Just before Christmas, the women and children who’d spent 17 months living on the sidewalk outside the governor’s palace in Oaxaca announced they were going home. In the spring of 2010, these refugees abandoned their homes in San Juan Copala, the ceremonial […]

How US Policies Fueled Mexico’s Great Migration

Author: David Bacon Date: January 2012 Source: Americas Program website Roberto Ortega tried to make a living slaughtering pigs in Veracruz, Mexico. “In my town, Las Choapas, after I killed a pig, I would cut it up to sell the meat,” he recalls. But in the late 1990s, after the North American Free Trade Agreement […]

Migration: A Product of Free Market Reforms

Author: David Bacon Date: January 2012 Source: Americas Program website A political alliance is developing between countries with a labor export policy and the corporations who use that labor in the global north. Many countries sending migrants to the developed world depend on remittances to finance social services and keep the lid on social discontent […]

“World Migration Report 2011,Communicating Effectively about Migration”

Author: International Organization for Migration Date: Winter 2011 Migrants’ voices must be heard in today’s all too often biased, polarized and negative debate on migration, says IOM’s World Migration Report 2011: Communicating Effectively about Migration. The report states that although we live in an era of the greatest human mobility in recorded history, with greater […]

Misfits Fit Fine

Author: Kathryn Lukey-Coutsocostas Date: December 2011 Source: Athens News, Column ‘On the borderline’ GROWING up in a small Canadian town on the prairie, a breeding ground for peer pressure and conformity, I fitted in – but didn’t. It’s the same for me in Greece. I’ve often seen this air of comfortable “outsider” and relaxed manoeuvrability […]

Culture Gap

Author: Kathryn Lukey-Coutsocostas Date: December 2011 Source: Athens News, Column ‘On the borderline’ CHRISTMAS EVE slips by unnoticed in most Greek homes, but it’s the one night in our house that’s Canadian. This makes me wonder how many Canadian customs and cultural references elude me – and what the personal ramifications are. How useful was […]

Boundless Project, Germany

Binational couples and multicultural families:

The often negative media coverage about migrants diverges from reality. In Germany, for example, according to the Association of Binational Families and Relationships, every third child has one parent with migration background. When two people from different cultural backgrounds come together on the basis of love, this is the highest possible expression of integration.

Information from the NGO Committee on Migration

The United Nations Department of Information (DPI) has issued a request to NGOs to propose themes for the annual DPI Conference to be held at UN Headquarters in New York in September 2012. The NGO Committee on Migration is proposing MIGRATION as the topic of the conference and has written a rationale for the proposal (see below) […]

CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS Migration and African Families in the Diaspora

Editors Pauline A. Uwakweh, Ph.D., Jerono P. Rotich, Ph.D., Comfort O. Okpala, Ed.D. The unique role of first and second generation African immigrants in the United States is a subject of interest and debate among researchers. Africans may be one of the highest outbound peoples on the globe. Incidentally, neither the impact of migration on […]

National League of Cities

(April 13 2011 press release here) The National League of Cities (NLC) is the oldest and largest national organization representing municipal governments throughout the United States. Its mission is to strengthen and promote cities as centers of opportunity, leadership, and governance. Working in partnership with the 49 state municipal leagues, the National League of Cities […]

Hispanic Liaison Office, Richmond, Virginia

In 2004, the City of Richmond created the Hispanic Liaison Office in response to this demographic growth. The Hispanic Liaison Office improves access to city and community services; promotes community information, education and citizen participation; and supports city agencies in developing the capacity to interact, communicate and serve the city’s diverse community. The Hispanic Liaison Office also promotes diversity within the city by sponsoring the Imagine Festival, which highlights Richmond’s diverse community and public safety, as well as by supporting the outdoor ¿Qué Pasa? Festival of Virginia, one of the largest Latino festivals in the state and in the southern United States.

Office of Latino Affairs, Washington, D.C.

The Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs (OLA) has served the Latino community since 1976. The office works with the local government and community organizations to learn and be able to inform the Latino community about the different city services available to them. OLA serves as the mayor’s liaison on issues concerning the Latino community. It also provides partnership and outreach services to DC’s Latino residents through its Community Relations and Outreach Program. This program disseminates information and educational services to Latino residents and fosters community partnerships to gather information and design better programs to serve the Latino community.

Immigrant Integration Partnership, Los Angeles, California

In late January 2010, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Alejandro Mayorkas and Mayor Villaraigosa announced a new partnership to promote citizenship and strengthen immigrant integration efforts in Los Angeles, one of the most diverse cities in the country. This new partnership between local and federal officials was launched as a pilot program that will remain in effect for two years. Immigrant residents in Los Angeles have access to free citizenship information sessions; naturalization workshops; USCIS educational materials highlighting the U.S. citizenship and the naturalization process; and targeted outreach to increase awareness of citizenship rights and responsibilities.

How to better protect and promote Human Rights in Australia

On January 2011 the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Working Group reviewed the status of Human Rights in 50 countries from across the world – including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Ghana, Mexico and South Africa – and released a series of recommendations for these countries. The Federation of Ethnic […]

International Network of Migration Institutions

Migration Institutions includes museums and other institutions promoting the public understanding of migration. The current trend in the development of migration museums, named differently worldwide, is an interesting phenomenon, as it may contribute to the creation of a new and multiple identity, at an individual and collective level. UNESCO and the IOM have decided to work together to promote exchange of information and experiences on the history of immigration and the memories of migrants, notably through helping to set up and develop museums in receiving countries. This kind of museum would, in particular, help collect, safeguard, highlight and make accessible to the general public certain elements relating to the history and culture of immigration, and to the process of integration of migrant communities.

Chinese New Year celebrated around the world

Millions of Asians celebrate the Lunar New Year around the world. The Year of the Rabbit officially began on February 3. In China, people set off fireworks to welcome 4709. Celebrations will last 15 days ending with the full moon on the Lantern Festival. This festival is celebrated at night with lantern displays and children […]

US clergy call for comprehensive immigration reform

About a dozen faith leaders warned on Monday that the proposed Utah Legislature’s immigration bills — especially Rep. Stephen Sandstrom’s enforcement-only measure — would create a climate of fear and division among communities. A letter signed by over 30 communities including state’s Catholic and Episcopalian bishops and the Lutheran bishop over the Rocky Mountain region, […]

Intn’l Migrants Day: Acknowledge the Benefits of Migration and Share that Vision

“Few issues still elicit stronger reaction than that of migration. From the floors of parliaments to city streets to discussions around dinner tables, there are heated debates about migrants’ impact on national identity, security, employment, health and social welfare systems – all those things that make up the fabric of a society,” says IOM Director General William Lacy Swing. “Unfortunately, many of these discussions are based on emotions and myths and not on social and economic reality. Migration now and in the future will be driven by global economic, social and demographic trends that can no longer be ignored. (…) “The challenge is to find humane and equitable solutions that reconcile people’s desire to migrate with the national sovereignty of States on population movements. Cooperation is not only essential to ensure the rights of migrants are respected but also to migrants respecting the culture and laws of host countries,” Swing concludes.

Migrant women, leading fighters for domestic workers’ rights in the US

Migrant women make up a growing proportion of home-based employees in the United States, including caregivers for children, the elderly and those with disabilities, housekeepers and nannies. Mobilization of this collective is, however, challenging. They are often worried about their precarious immigration status. CASA de Maryland and Domestic Workers United (DWU), two leading migrants’ organizations […]

E Pluribus Unum Prizes: Honoring Exceptional Immigrant Integration Initiatives

With its E Pluribus Unum Prizes, the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) awards exceptional initiatives that promote immigrant integration. The prize aims “to honor the efforts of those who are creating stronger, more unified and successful communities by strengthening relationships between native-born and foreign-born Americans.” The E Pluribus Unum Prizes national awards program provides four $50,000 […]

The invisibles – series of films about undocumented migrants in Mexico

Amnesty International and Mexican actor and producer Gael García Bernal, have launched a series of films about the journey that migrants make between Guatemala and Mexico on their way to the United States. “The Invisibles offers a unique testimony of migrants, aid workers and medical professionals who speak about the danger and hopes of thousands of men and women who cross Mexico in search of a better life.”
In April 2010, Amnesty International released a report called “Invisible Victims: Migrants on the Move in Mexico.” The report registered the experience of abuses against migrants in Mexico including, for instance, nearly 10,000 migrants abducted, killed, robbed, or even assaulted and thrown off speeding trains.

Health Initiative of the Americas (HIA)

Health Initiative of the Americas (HIA) coordinates and optimizes resources in the United States, Mexico, and other Latin American countries to increase access to and use of health services, expand health insurance coverage, improve health outcomes, reduce health disparities, enhance the cultural competency of health care personnel, and implement innovative strategies to address unmet health needs of the Latino-origin population living and working in the United States.

International Conference explores integration of Orthodox Migrants in the West

The University of Neuchâtel – Switzerland organizes an international conference about the establishment of Orthodox Churches in several European countries and the United States and their contribution to integration of Orthodox migrants in the West. The conference presents social research findings regarding integration paterns, mechanisms and strategies of Orthodox migrants; their socio-economic issues; and the […]

Destination Casa Blanca returns with a series on immigration

Destination Casa Blanca is weekly round-table discussion of the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN). Focusing on political debate and news analysis on relevant areas for the US Latino community, the series features a series of discussions on immigration. It includes discussion about the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act (D.R.E.A.M Act); the […]

Municipal Action for Immigrant Integration

The MAII of the National League of Cities promotes civic engagement and naturalization among immigrant communities in cities throughout the U.S. Two program components promote immigrant integration: The NewCITYzen Naturalization Campaign focuses on highlighting the many benefits of naturalization – voting rights and beyond. Cities will have the opportunity to use the Campaign Toolkit to launch naturalization campaigns in their communities. The Campaign Toolkit is available to NLC member cities. The CITYzenship Community Initiative is designed to help city officials establish working relationships with immigrant communities and organizations.

Amérique du Nord

Links: Cities and Local Governments Initiatives

<< Back to Useful Links This draft list of links is provided for your convenience. Please do contribute to develop this section (and keep it updated) by sending us relevant links and possible updates. Big Cities Initiative – The Hague Process on Refuge The Big Cities Initiative seeks to take up the issue of migration […]

NYC Mayor Bloomberg on the “Ground-Zero Mosque” debate

Following the announcement of plans to build a Muslim-led interfaith and cultural center a few hundred feet from Ground-Zero, a debate started in New York, across the United States, and internationally on whether such a center, which will also house a mosque, should be allowed so close to the World Trade Center site. In a […]

Links: Civil Society Initiatives

<< Back to Migration & Integration links This draft list of links is provided for your convenience. Please do contribute to develop this section (and keep it updated) by sending us relevant links and possible updates. Centre de Développement Socioculturel The CDS promotes self sufficiency among migrants from African background in Switzerland. Common Values Initiative […]

Norte América

Foundation for Pluralism

I cannot be safe when others around me aren’t, I cannot have peace, when others around me don’t. It is in my selfish interests to take the responsibility to work for a better world so all of us can co-exist in relative harmony. The world is changing quite rapidly, while conflicts continue to rage, a new dimension is emerging vividly and growing strongly every day. Indeed, the world is moving towards a new paradigm of “Co-existence” also known as “Pluralism”. Pluralism is nothing more than an adjustment in one’s attitude towards others; it is indeed respecting the otherness of other and accepting the Genetic (God) given uniqueness of each one of the seven billion of us. If we can learn to accept 7 billion unique thumb prints and understand the existence of 7 billion DNA compositions, then why not accept the uniqueness of 7 billion of us? If we world. My role as a peace maker is to mitigate conflicts and nurture goodwill…

Foundation for Pluralism

Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker, writer, optimist and an activist of Pluralism, Justice, Peace, Islam, India and Civil Societies. He is a conflict mitigater and a goodwill nurturer offering pluralistic solutions to issues of the day to the Television, Radio, News Media and the public…

Migrant Integration Compendium, 2010 – IOM

The IOM Compendium of Migrant Integration, Policies and Practices, included 19 country profiles: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Portugal, Malaysia, Singapore, Republic of South Africa, Sweden, United States of America. The country profiles are all structured in a similar way to make comparing different […]

Managing diversity in Western democracies

How to better manage migrants arrival in order to increase the benefits of international migration and create a mutual outcome advantage.

North America

International migrants in North America are estimated at 50 million in 2010 accounting for 14.2 per cent of the total population in North America though their composition differs in the United States and Canada. The USA remains the top migrant destination country in the world, with 42.8 million migrants in 2010. Latin American and Caribbean […]


Western, Central and Eastern Europe host over 60 million migrants, representing over two thirds of international migrants residing in Europe. The top destination countries in Western Europe are Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. The Russian Federation and Ukraine are top destinations in Eastern Europe mainly hosting migrants from that part of the […]

How mississippi’s black/brown strategy beat the south’s anti-immigrant wave

Author: David Bacon Date: April 2012 Source: The Nation, web edition In early April, an anti-immigrant bill like those that swept through legislatures in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina was stopped cold in Mississippi. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Tea Party Republicans were confident they’d roll over any opposition. They’d brought Kris Kobach, the […]

“Galli Galli Sim Sim” Project, India

Galli Galli Sim Sim is a multi-platform initiative that combines the power of multimedia and educational outreach to help children prepare better for school and life. Galli Galli Sim Sim facilitates young Indian children’s basic academic and life skills, while celebrating India’s rich cultural diversity, in order to promote their overall cognitive, socio-emotional and physical development.

Galli Galli Sim Sim integrates a three sixty degree strategy to reach children between the ages of 0-8, especially those that are disenfranchised and under resourced. Broadcast on two of India’s leading channels- Pogo and Cartoon Network, Galli Galli Sim Sim is further supplemented by a radio program aired on All India Radio and community radio stations, extensive community outreach, and new and emerging media such as cell phones and internet. In addition to this, we provide training and create awareness about early childhood care and education to parents, teachers and caregivers using a combination of print, audio visual and social media to ensure a continuum of learning.

The Galli Galli Sim Sim initiative is supported by Turner Broadcasting, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, the MetLife Foundation, Qualcomm, HSBC and the SCHWAB Charitable Trust.


Deadline:  Sunday August 14, 2011 The UN Alliance of Civilizations: The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) was established in 2005, at the initiative of the Governments of Spain and Turkey, under the auspices of the United Nations. The UNAOC Secretariat, which is based in New York, works with a global network of partners that […]

A more humane approach to undocumented migrant children

Detention and deportation of children is a common practice in many European countries. Thousands of migrant children are detained and forcibly brought to detention centres every year. Despite they have not committed any crime, they have to endure prison-like conditions, being deprived of education and suffering phychologically. Sometimes they are also exposed to abuse and […]

Language requirements in UK: migration control or integration policy?

UK immigration minister Damian Green has recently spoken to the BBC about the new English tests that will be required for spouses and partners of migrants. To date, the Ministry of Immigration in the UK justified the language policy to the public by talking about the role it will play in promoting integration of migrants. […]

A Multifaith Approach

Funded by the European Commission and implemented by IOM Helsinki in cooperation with partners in five EU countries, this pilot project tested the usefulness of multifaith training seminars for migrant religious leaders as a tool for integration. The seminars enabled religious leaders of various denominations to meet with their peers and host society representatives, including officials, policy-makers, and various experts. The project was based on the notion that newly-arrived migrants, who are unfamiliar with their new host society, often seek support from religious communities, whose leaders can therefore play a crucial role in how migrants relate to and integrate into their host communities. The training seminars provided participants with a greater understanding of the values as well as the history, culture, and laws of their…