The 2011 conference ‘Learning to Live in a Multicultural World: Diaspora and Peacemaking in Europe’ Report

Author: Initiatives of Change International and CAUX-Initiatives of Change, Conference Report
Date: 2011

Over the last few years, Europe has become more culturally and religiously diverse. While migration to and from Europe is not a new phenomenon, it has taken on a different form and shape in recent years. It has led to multicultural societies in Europe with numerous diaspora communities. However, while diaspora communities are an integral part of our societies, they are rarely a well integrated part.

Moreover, there seems to be an increasing disintegration of European societies. This is often a consequence of the fragmentation of social norms, rather than culture- or religion-based. Nevertheless, there is a trend to explain social uproar or discontent, clashes within society, riots and protests, expressions of outrage or short-comings within the social system by the increasing number of migrants or rather blamed on. Their lacking integration into European societies is portrayed as a danger to cohesive societies, a threat to cultural and social traditions of host societies and reason for the decline of social standards. This culminated in the concept of multiculturalism being declared to have failed by many experts and politicians.

Learning to Live in a Multicultural World [PDF]

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