BBC documentary explores racial tensions in Sweden

For his latest project the acclaimed photographer Joseph Rodriguez turned his lens on a group of young Muslims growing up in the city of Malmo, Sweden. Rodriguez attempts to find out why racial tensions are increasing in one of the most progressive countries in Europe.

Rosengard in Malmo is symbolic of the divide between the Muslim population and indigenous Swedes. In that area around 60% of people were born outside of Sweden and 40% are unemployed. It’s a city increasingly divided on racial, religious and cultural grounds, and one in which Joseph discovers many young Muslims feel they are treated as second class citizens.

Watch the video from the BBC documentary series Open Eye.

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    Hate speeches are not being published on the IBIS website.

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    Thanks for sharing this important work with your blog community.
    I would like to also let you know that there is another version which has photofilm

    Joseph Rodriguez