Sustaining Settlement of Sudanese Refugees – Australia

Photo: Lutheran Community Care

Sustaining Settlement of Sudanese Refugees

In 2008 the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) funded Lutheran Community Care (LCC) New Settler Services to conduct an investigation into sustaining the settlement of Sudanese humanitarian entrants in Murray Bridge, a regional city in South Australia, Australia. Since 2001 Murray Bridge has attracted hundreds of humanitarian entrants from various ethnic backgrounds in search of employment. The intention of the local community is to retain these new settlers and encourage others to make their home in the town. The results of the project enabled planners and settlement workers to:

  • Better understand the migratory patterns (circulatory and permanent) and motivations of humanitarian entrants to and from Murray Bridge
  • Understand both the advantages and disadvantages of life in a regional centre for humanitarian settlers
  • Ascertain the experience of service providers and local businesses with the new settlers
  • Understand the importance of (good) governance in bridging cultural differences, and aiding integration between the new settlers and the community
  • Develop a plan to effectively retain humanitarian entrants who had already moved to Murray Bridge and those who come after them


Murray Bridge, South Australia, Australia

Policy/practice area:

Cultural integration


Education, Employment, Empowerment, Equal access, Governance, Health, Housing, Policy, Prevention of polarization, Refugees and asylum seekers, School, Training,

Integration Practitioner:

Civil society organization (NGO, Community-based organization, including migrants associations, religious organizations, etc)

Name of Organization:

Lutheran Community Care


Contact Information:

5 Marchand St
Murray Bridge South Australia 5253
Phone: 61 8 85313644

Other stakeholders involved in this practice:

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