Youth Website

The Youth website of the UNAOC emerged from extensive consultations undertaken in 2009 with an international network of youth organizations. Recognizing the challenges facing young activists in coordinating activities, accessing resources and disseminating information and opportunities, a call was made for the creation of a dedicated online platform where youth from around the world could meet and exchange news, ideas and tools and gather inspiration to carry out projects in their local communities. 

The website focuses on promoting action related to the themes of the UNAOC. The core of the website is based around databases of relevant youth organizations, tools, and opportunities, which are assembled by young people themselves, and searchable by members of the public. New information about organizations, tools and opportunities for youth are posted on the website on a daily basis.

An interesting part of the website is called “Our words of wisdom”. This allows young people to share their inspired reflections with each other and the world.

An integral feature is also an online community where young people can share their thoughts, experiences and plans for action. Some of the topics currently being discussed on the message boards include “Governments, civil society and youth” and “Human rights, Millennium Development Goals and intercultural dialogue”. Youth can start new discussions threads and invite others to join in and share their thoughts.

The UNAOC Youth Website is at

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