Integration: Building Inclusive Societies


Why do integration and inclusion matter for the UN Alliance of Civilizations?

Integration: Building Inclusive Societies – IBIS – is an online community showcasing projects from around the world that successfully help integrate migrants. It connects grassroots initiatives with policy-makers and provides a platform to link civil society groups with potential funders.

As a source of information and a virtual space for exchange and learning, IBIS helps spread the word about successful initiatives in order to promote replication of good practices .

As a global meeting place for all those involved in improving migration policy and integration practices around the world, IBIS reaches out to policy makers and opinion leaders within its network of partners, as a hub for promoting better integration policies.

As a tool for coordination and cooperation between practitioners, policy makers and communities, IBIS opens space for discussion to address possible gaps between government policies and public perception.

IBIS website has been launched in June 2010. It attracts a diverse audience of migrant communities, grassroots organizations and civil society groups, policy-makers, opinion leaders and potential funders. The database features more than 100 good practices from around the world, and a rich content of news, events and research.

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