Global Youth Movement

The Global Youth Movement for the Alliance of Civilizations is a platform aiming to highlight and recognize the strong message of peace and understanding set forth by youth in times where tensions and conflicts often threaten positive intercultural co-existence as well as to advance and support the mainstreaming of their voices and participation in UNAOC initiatives and messages.

More precisely, the GYMAOC acts a central element of the UNAOC Youth Program and has the following specific objectives:

  • Mobilize and strengthen youth organizations in order to reinforce their commitment to the UNAOC objectives;
  • Highlight results of youth actions and support networking for the advancement of cross-cultural understanding; and
  • Support the mainstreaming of youth’s voice and participation in all sectors of the UNAOC.

A total of 130 youth from over 80 countries around the world gathered in Baku, Azerbaijan in early April 2011 to work together on this initiative.  Lively discussions about various aspects of the movement led to the development and adoption of a charter for the initiative as well as the identification of priorities for this year’s action plan.

In the next months, the UNAOC will work with leaders of the Global Youth Movement for the Alliance of Civilizations to implement the decisions made in Baku. This includes welcoming applications from youth organizations aiming to become official members, developing promotional material, enhancing communications, coordinating the implementation of activities, and putting in place evaluation processes. Regular updates will be posted on the Youth Website of the UNAOC at