Second Session of the Fall 2012 UNAOC Fellows

Fall 2012 New Fellows

The UNAOC Fellowship Programme, which is an exchange programme for European, North American, and Arab young leaders, demonstrates how critical exchanges of opinion and intercultural dialogue are between tomorrow’s leaders. The programme aims to enhance mutual knowledge and understanding between peoples and societies from Muslim-majority countries in the Arab World, Europe and North America.

We are pleased to announce the second session of the Fall 2012 UNAOC Fellows.

From November 4th to November 21st 12 fellows, women and men ages 28-38 from North Africa and the Middle East (including Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Libya, Palestine, Bahrain and Tunisia) will travel to New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Berlin, Brussels and Paris to meet with decision makers, media leaders, local communities, grassroots, religious groups for in depth exposure to each of those societies.

In spite of post Sandy’s devastation, we feel it is even more needed for the fellows to be here and see how New Yorkers and Americans bounce back after such unfortunate event.

Emerging leaders from the US and Europe are similarly were given with the same opportunity in October traveling to three countries throughout the Arab world: Morocco, Jordan and U.A.E

The programme is made possible by a grant from the Federal Foreign office of Germany and the Hermes Foundation. The Fellowship is also developed in partnership with the League of Arab States, the British Council, Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), Qatar Committee for the Alliance of Civilizations, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) , the Institute for International Education and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Jordan.

To follow the fellows on their journey please visit the UNAOC Fellowship Blog along with their Facebook Page.

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To read the biographies of participants please click here: [MENA Fall 2012 Bios PDF]