Resources to Help You Develop Create UNAOC Apps and Games

Create UNAOC 2012 Resources

We have drawn up a list of resources, technical and cultural, that can guide potential participants as they explore the possibilities around the Create UNAOC Challenge.

Are you new to mobile app and game development? We’ve compiled a range of frameworks, game engines, and technical tutorials/documentation that may suit your liking.

Not sure what angle to take in designing your app or game concept? We’ve also put together a list of resources from across the world as a primer on intercultural affairs.

For a full look at the 2012 Create UNAOC Resources List, please visit the Technical Resources and Cultural Resources sections of the Create UNAOC site.

The Create UNAOC Challenge will announce its 2012 finalists on 21 December 2012. These five teams will be invited to participate at the UNAOC Forum in Vienna, Austria (27-28 February 2013), where the winner will be selected by forum delegates.

To be added to our growing resources list, websites and organizations covering topics related to app development or intercultural dialogue can contact Create UNAOC at

(Photo: “Happy Programmers”, Jesper Rønn-Jensen)

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