CFP Deadline: May 25, Symposium on “Identity and Multicultural Politics,” Quebec, Canada

Call for Papers
6th International Symposium: “Identity and Multicultural Politics”
International Network for Alternative Academia
29 October 2012 to 31 October, 2012
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Abstract deadline: 25 May, 2012
This trans-disciplinary research project is interested in identifying the conflicting forces and political realities of multiculturalism and of identity formations in diverse political, societal and cultural contexts.
Symposium Email: imp-6(at)
Multidisciplinary studies, Interdisciplinary studies, Social Sciences, Sociology, Politics, Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Identity, Culture, Conflict resolution, Justice and legal studies, Public policy, Globalization, Arts, Media

Alejandro Cervantes-Carson
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International Network for Alternative Academia
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